01. 사랑... 어떡하나요 - YANG PA 






Just like the rain shower that suddenly pours
That person drenches me
Suddenly, without my permission
That person stole my heart

I can’t push that person out
I can’t take a single step
The person grows like a flower in me

* I hope you will pass, like the passing wind
So even the memories won’t even remain
Just smile and promise not to cry
Don’t leave a single photo of us
Promise that we won’t make a memory

Suddenly, in case we really become like that
You make my heart tremble, you bad person

That person is making me smile
That person is so warm,
That person is becoming my day

* Repeat

Don’t love me, don’t make me love you
Like the beginning, treat me badly
Don’t love me, don’t make me love you
If I become crazy with happiness at just the thought of you
What do I do with this love?


(Lyrics from popgasa.com)


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